I want Kim Kardashian’s eyebrow shape, please!

Let’s talk about eyebrow shape and client requests:

I love my clients, and my goal is to please them when designing their eyebrows before I microblade them. That is why, during our consultation, I give them the opportunity to tell me what their main concerns are because I want to make sure I address these concerns properly. I also ask if there is a specific look they are aiming for. And—you guessed it—over 80% of my clients will ask for Kim K’s eyebrows. Nothing wrong with that. We all want to look beautiful, and Kim Kardashian is certainly just that.

The thing that most people don’t know is that their eyebrow shape is unique to them. The facial features, specifically the orbital bone and temples, dictate the length, arch, and the overall shape of the eyebrows. Face shape and age also affect the way I design an eyebrow. A highly arched brow will not look good on someone with a long face just as a thick and wispy brow will not look good on a mature face.

My clients appreciate this information, especially because I explain that the design I’m giving them is going to enhance their own beauty, just like Kim’s eyebrows accentuate her individual beauty. As a last step, my client and I always tweak the final shape together. This step is imperative for my clients to feel comfortable with their new brow shape. They leave looking and feeling beautiful, even though I did not give them Kim K’s eyebrow shape.

The moral here is:

Let Kim do Kim, and you do you.

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